What to ask your mechanic before you take your vehicle in for repairs


Finding a mechanic you can trust is important. Knowing your vehicle is in good hands is assuring. Even though you might not understand all the nuts and bolts of a repair job, it’s still important you have enough information to make an informed decision. Below are questions any mechanic should be happy to answer in order to educate you and put your mind at ease.

  1. Are you familiar with this make and model? / Have you worked on my make and model vehicle before?

Many shops specialize in certain makes. Those that focus on your vehicle make are more likely to have highly qualified mechanics with the latest training and equipment to fix your vehicle. They typically belong to an organization or two and should be able to provide proof of their credentials.

  1. Can I get a written estimate?

You should get a written estimate upfront of what the repair will cost, be sure both parts and labor are itemized. Ask how the cost is determined-is it an hourly rate? A flat fee?

  1. Do you charge for diagnostics? / How much will the diagnosis cost?

Troubleshooting usually takes time. Confirm the diagnostic fee up front to avoid any surprise after the work has been completed. The mechanic should be able to estimate the time involved and give you a quote, especially if the shop/mechanic has familiarity with the type of work you are requesting.

  1. My vehicle is doing (X). What do you think it could be?

Like describing symptoms to your Physician to find out what’s wrong when you’re hurt or sick, providing descriptions of your vehicle’s symptoms is typically the best system. The more precise you are in describing the vehicles problem, the easier it will be for an accurate diagnostic and repair. Describe the noise, area of vehicle affected, driving condition, feel, change, etc.

  1. Do you guarantee your work?

What kind of guarantees does the shop give on repair work? Warranties can vary greatly among shops, so ask about them ahead of time. Be sure to verify what is covered and for how long. Parts and labor warranties can sometimes vary.

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