Should you have your module Rebuilt & Returned, or should you buy a Remanufactured Module? The information below will help you understand the difference. It’s always best to contact us to discuss your specific issue. Give us a call or fill out the form today and we can help you determine the best course of action.

Module Rebuild & Return Service (R & R)

Module Experts’ R&R Service focuses on repairing your existing Electronic Control Module (ECM).

Once you have placed your order with one of our Module Experts you will immediately receive a receipt with your order # via email. Attached to the receipt you will find a PDF document named Control Module Info.PDF. This form primarily needs to be filled out by your mechanic with all the detailed information.

Once the Control Module Info form is completed, you are ready for shipping to Module Experts. Please securely pack the Electronic Control Module in a box with ample packing material, write your order # on the outside of the box and then ship the module to us.

When your Electronic Control Module arrives, it will be checked in under your order # with the Control module Info form. If the order # is not written on the outside of the box or the form is not in the box, this could delay your repair service. Shipping & Receiving then routes your module to the manufacturing department.

Once manufacturing receives the module and the information form provided by your mechanic, our Module Experts will do our Diagnostic Evaluation Service (DES). The DES will determine what components need to be replaced, repaired or if repairable at all. Not all control modules are rebuildable for a # of reasons. (Burnt PCB, Water Damage, non-replaceable components, etc.)

If your module is determined to be rebuildable, we will then proceed to check components’ availability. Provided the components are available, we will then proceed to repair the Electronic Control Module. If we determine that your control module is not repairable, then we will roll the cost of the R&R service into a remanufactured control module.

It’s that simple!


Remanufactured Electronic Control Module

A Remanufactured control module is a previously known good working module that has had all the common components that fail replaced already. Most Remanufactured modules we have in stock, and carry a core deposit until we get back your old rebuildable ECM.

Most Remanufactured ECMs will require special programming since it will have different software or firmware in the module. Fortunately, we have been doing this for some time now and, in most cases, can take care of it for you.

Some specialty manufacturers like Mercedes & BMW will require other parts from your vehicle, like Keys and other modules, to be reprogrammed. If we can’t do the programming for you, then we will direct you to the dealer to have this additional programming done.


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