Our Remanufactured Modules (Reman Services) Include:

  • Complete external inspection of module
  • An Internal Component Evaluation (ICE), which includes an inspection of each primary circuit function of the control module
  • Component & communication testing of the control module
  • Software updates, security reprogramming, and association of all relevant Technical Service Bulletins
  • Identify high-failure components & perform preventative maintenance
  • Upgrading components & parts that are at the end of their life-cycle
  • Post-Remanufacture testing and quality checks
  • Refurbishing of the module housing, to like-new condition

What Makes Us Different

Based on the years of experience and expertise in the field of Engine Control Module Remanufacturing, we know what parts & components in your module are prone to failure, so as a preventative measure to avoid premature failure of those parts, we make the needed refurbishments at no additional cost to you!  Our ECM rebuild specialists are ready to help assist you whether it’s just one unit or you have multiple units you need to be rebuilt.

The combination of quality reman work, a sound pre-reman & post-reman testing procedure, and the preventative maintenance process gives us the confidence to back all our remanufactured modules with a lifetime warranty.

Our post-remanufacture inspection & testing procedure is designed to a standard of quality that is well above the manufacturer’s specifications.

Every module shipped out to our customers has all the pertinent information regarding the remanufactured module, and also any specific repairs or testing required on the vehicle itself before the module is installed. We also include Technical Service Bulletins and any additional maintenance procedures that our Certified Master Technicians deem necessary to ensure the proper repair of the vehicle. All this is included in our Free Technical Assistance program that all our customers have access to.

Looking for a Remanufactured Module?

We cover almost all modules across the platform with very few exceptions.
  • Engine Control Modules (ECMs)
  • Transmission Control Modules (TCMs)
  • Powertrain Control Module (PCMs)
  • Body Control Module (BCMs)
  • General Electric Module (GEMs)
  • Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPMs)
  • Front Control Module (FCMs)

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