Extreme Weather Related Control Module Repairs | ModuleExperts

The control modules that regulate nearly every aspect of your vehicle’s performance are a vital part of its overall health. They rely on intricate electronic mechanisms to operate properly. Occurrences, such as extreme weather, can render them inoperable and adversely affect your vehicle’s performance.

The location of the control module and its exposure to the elements are a major contributor to its susceptibility to weather-related damage. Control modules are located in various places in your vehicle — under the hood, attached to or inside the transmission, the interior, and elsewhere.

Three Ways Vehicle Control Modules Can Be Compromised

  1. Flood conditions or even excessive rain can wreak havoc on automotive control modules. Water is the primary element to avoid as exposure to it can cause damage. Even if flooding doesn’t seem to have affected your vehicle, moisture alone reaching these vital electrical components can damage them. Also, cracks in weather stripping can create a path for water to leak into and around your windshield and windows causing damage to sensitive electronic components including control modules.
  2. Are you keeping your machine clean during those harsh winters? Pressure washing your engine keeps it looking great and running cooler. If you do so without removing or covering vital electrical components, like your control modules, first, you could inadvertently cause significant electrical damage.
  3. Automotive batteries tend to drain or die in frigid temperatures. Crossing battery terminals when jump starting a vehicle – connecting a positive cable to a negative terminal, or vice versa – will cause an electrical short that could instantly damage one or more control modules.

Has Your Vehicle Experienced Weather Damage?

If you think your control module has sustained damage, it will need a thorough Diagnostic Evaluation Service (DES) immediately. Our DES includes:

  • External inspection and internal examination.
  • Communication check.
  • Testing of components, capacitors, solder, trace lines, internal circuit board, processor and more.

During the DES, ModuleExperts will determine the extent of the damage to your control module. There are some instances, such as complete submersion in water, that may prevent your module from being successfully repaired. This depends on the style of the control module as well as the extent of damage. In those cases, ModuleExperts maintains an extensive inventory of new and remanufactured replacement control modules to get you up and running quickly.    
ModuleExperts brings more than 100 years of combined experience in module diagnostics, repairs and remanufactured replacements for all types of control modules. Our A+ BBB rating proves our commitment to first-class customer service and satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help service your control module needs.