Repairing a Damaged ECM- Module Experts

At ModuleEXPERTS, we understand that each module repair situation is unique. To meet the exact needs of our customers, every request we receive is evaluated by one of our highly skilled technicians who is able to gather information about the problems you are facing. Rather than performing a limited bench test, we opt for a more comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Service (DES) to assess each module. While a bench test typically involves a set fee and may identify issues that are present within the ECM, a DES provides the team at ModuleEXPERTS with the opportunity to learn about your unit and discover all the issues. After this first step, we are then able to provide you with a recommended course of action — repair or replacement.

Multiple Service Options

Other companies usually offer only one option for your ECM. Some will try to rebuild the unit, others will offer to sell you a remanufactured unit. At ModuleEXPERTS, we work diligently and use our extensive knowledge and expertise to return your original ECM back to working condition. In some cases — in the event of non-replaceable components, a burnt PCB or water damage, for example — repairing and rebuilding it is not a feasible option. If that is the case, we will give you the option to purchase either a remanufactured or new replacement unit. The repair fee can then be applied to that purchase, allowing you to save money.

Personalized Service, Fast Turnaround Time

At ModuleEXPERTS, we understand how busy you are, how much your customers depend on you for their vehicle repairs, and that you have a budget to work with. From the beginning, we assign a dedicated Parts Associate (PA) who is your go-to team member that handles all your questions and provides you with updates on your order. You are also provided with the total cost involved, rather than a rough estimate, so there are no surprises. With direct access to your PA via their own telephone and email, you are kept informed of every step of the process involving your ECM. By keeping an extensive line of ECMs in stock, we are able to provide you with an immediate solution in the event that your module cannot be repaired.

At ModuleEXPERTS, our goal is to make the process of repairing your vehicles modules as quick and painless as possible. Contact us today at (904) 990-4965 to learn more about our services, and how we can help get vehicles back on the road quickly!