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When one of your vehicle’s control modules becomes damaged, it can significantly impact its performance and drivability. For many, the cost to completely repair a control module may not be in the budget. However, at ModuleExperts we have the tools and expertise to effectively repair nearly every type of control module, and program it to your exact vehicle, at a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement.

BGA/SMD Rework Station

This new automated rework system provides precise placement of surface mount devices including BGA and SMD components. Most new automotive electronics including control modules are progressing towards processors that are soldered underneath chips. There is no way to manually de-solder or re-solder these components. This equipment allows us to work with and replace these newer types of chips with precise, automated alignment. It also assists in the removal of SMD style chips like the ones found in many of today’s control modules including Ford DPC and 104 pin style modules.

Rework Station

A camera driven three axis alignment system that rotates, adjusts up & down and right to left provides error-free accuracy from pre-alignment to component placement.

Rework System

This unique rework system combines IR radiation with convection heating allowing temperature uniformity. Three independent self-setting temperature adjustments ensure required temperature is reached without compromising the component’s specs (tolerance of +/- 1%).

Cloning Station

The cloning station and equipment has allowed us to vastly expand our programming capabilities and services by cloning certain types of modules, mostly those that are VIN locked or have anti-tampering software found in many of today’s import vehicles.

In many of today’s vehicles, control modules communicate with each other and share information over the vehicles internal network. If there is a control module failure, many times you cannot simply replace the defective module with one of the same type. The reason is that the data stored in the replacement control module does not match the data stored in the original.

The solution is to move the data from the memory of the original control module directly to the memory in the replacement control module, which is known as cloning. This technical process allows existing engine computer information from the original control module to be duplicated onto a replacement control module. The information, including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), allows a new computer to replace a damaged or malfunctioning unit. Our highly experienced technicians can use a new or replacement module for the cloning process. In most cases, additional on-board programming is not required once a replacement module is cloned.

cloning  cloning-1

With over 100 years of combined experience and an A+ rating with the BBB, ModuleExperts is committed to providing every customer with a solution that meets their exact needs. If you have a control module that needs cloning or replacing, contact (888) 593-2262 to speak with a technician, or fill out this form.