Signs of a Failing ECM - Module Experts

The Engine Control Module (ECM) is one of your vehicle’s most important electronic parts. Its proper function is vital to the smooth performance of your vehicle. As the vehicle’s primary computer, this component is responsible for effectively using the information obtained from the sensors located throughout the vehicle to calculate various engine functions to obtain maximum efficiency, performance and power. Identifying the most common signs of a failing ECM can prevent damage to other electronic components as well as engine malfunctions.

Illuminated Check Engine Light (CEL)

The check engine light is a signal that something is amiss in your vehicle. It is designed to be activated when the computer system detects an issue with one or more of its circuits or other sensors. In some cases, the check engine light is illuminated but the ECM may not be the component with the problem or, it is a false positive. By scanning the ECM and recording the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), we can determine if this component is the issue or if the problem lies elsewhere.

Irregular Engine Behavior

Erratic engine behavior is often a symptom of an ECM failure. Sometimes these issues appear intermittently. These include a poor idle, an engine misfire, or even stalling. These occasional issues often become more severe over time resulting in complete electronic system failure.

Engine Won’t Start

Your vehicle may have issues with starting if the ECM is not properly functioning. While the engine might still crank, it may not be able to complete the starting cycle. This may be caused by a lack of consistent input from the ECM.

Performance Issues

Engine spark, injector pulse, fuel and timing are all regulated by the ECM. Most performance issues can be traced back to this component. If you are experiencing idling issues, loss of power, poor acceleration and/or fuel efficiency, your ECM could be malfunctioning and need of repair or replacement.

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