Repairing a Control Module | Module Experts

Is your vehicle displaying signs that it might have a damaged Electronic Control Module (ECM)? Water damage? Corrosion due to age and weather? Battery power surge? Random misfires? Single or multiple DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)? When an ECM repair is required, it takes just a few simple steps with ModuleExperts to get it repaired.

Three simple steps:

  1. Call us call at 888-593-2262 and tell us what’s going on. This is the first thing we ask our clients. Why? In order to offer you the absolute best control module rebuilding service, we need to know what’s going on with the vehicle. When we know what’s going on, we can help you decide which path is best for you.
  2. Provide the vehicle year, make, model, and module type you believe to be the cause of the symptoms your vehicle is having.
  3. Complete the Module Information Form and send it with your control module to:


6873 Phillips Industrial Blvd. Suite B

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Repair and Return Service (R&R):

Once your Control Module is received, the experienced technicians at ModuleExperts conduct a thorough Diagnostic Evaluation Service (DES). Our DES includes:

  • External inspection and internal examination.
  • Communication check.
  • Testing of components, capacitors, solder, trace lines, internal circuit board, processor and more.

With our knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, the repair process is the next step. We follow set guidelines when repairing your ECM.

  • The issues are duplicated and the problem component(s) isolated.
  • The damaged component(s) are repaired and tested to ensure that the module is operating correctly.
  • Other areas of the module are inspected and updated as needed.
  • Information is provided regarding the repair and any other steps that may need to be performed.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has recognized ModuleExpertsdedication to customer satisfaction by awarding the company with its highest rating, an A+ModuleExperts also guarantees the quality of their repair services by providing a life-time warranty.

Have questions about a control module in need of repair? Give us a call at 888-593-2262 or simply fill out this form and one of our module experts will get back to you with a guaranteed solution.