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At the heart of every system in your car is some type of module. These various modules are all connected via a Controlled Area Network (CAN) that is extremely complex. Although modern cars are able to perform with more efficiency and accuracy they are becoming increasingly complicated. In fact, today’s automobile is much like a computer that you drive around. This means that the simplest action that you undertake — breaking, for example, or using your turn signal — is no longer only a mechanical function but actually is the result of highly complicated technology at work beneath the surface.

The Hidden World of Your Car’s Electronics

Did you know auto manufacturers first started using Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in building cars sometime around the 1930s? However it wasn’t until the 1980’s that the ECU’s were “hubbed” in a CAN to create a more “connected” electronically monitored and functioning automobile. Prior to the use of a CAN, each ECU in a vehicle had its own dedicated wires which allowed the ECU to communicate solely with the components controlled by the ECU. Throughout the years, this lead to miles of thick wires which twisted and turned throughout the car.

Electronic Control Units Are Modernized

With the advent of the CAN the management of ECUs entered the “computer age” so that each ECU doesn’t have to be directly wired to just one part or operation of the car. Instead, all the needed electronic information is sent along the network via the CAN. While the addition of the CAN streamlines the ability of various ECUs to communicate with each other, it means that programming is necessary for all components to work together. This shift from a more physical environment — lots of wires — to one that is more programming based — utilizing a complex computer-based build — has proven to be significantly beneficial.

History of CANs

While the CAN improves the ability of car manufacturers to add increasingly complex tasks that provide owners with the power, performance, efficiency and comfort they demand, none of these were the primary reason for developing the CAN. Rather, the CAN was created to provide car manufacturers with the answer to the demands of the federal government for monitoring vehicle emissions. Thus, the CAN was born for the environment we live in. This provides a car owner with an environment of sophisticated technology that gives us cars of the modern age; a driving experience no one could have imagined when the first ECU was utilized before World War II.
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