ECM Repair Module Experts

Gone are the days when people only looked to their cars to get from Point A to Point B. Today, whether a trip means going to the grocery store, across town, or planning a cross-country excursion, people not only look to their vehicle to handle the road ahead but also to keep all passengers safe, comfortable, and even entertained. In the automobiles of a new millennium, such expanded consumer expectations are accomplished and satisfied by the use of modern science. As technology continues to advance and evolve, the automotive industry is finding ways to integrate and even depend on these technologies to deliver a competitive driving experience for the present day consumer. The automobile industry calls this technology Electronic Control Modules (ECMs), and control your car they do!

Techno-Savvy Consumers Expect More

Not long ago, your driving options were fairly limited. Being in your car meant the music listening experience was confined to what the DJ on the radio played, air conditioning may have been defined as a “460 system”-4 windows down and doing 60 MPH-and standard equipment did not even include power steering, for certain power windows were “optional”. If you were driving to a location that was unknown and the journey had some “twists and turns” then you were printing off directions from your computer and hoping you didn’t make a wrong turn while navigating the “scores” of line by line driving instructions.

Today, it’s almost impossible to find a car with manual windows, every model has air conditioning, and chillin’ or rockin’ in your car to your favorite music and artists is simply a USB plugin away. By touching a 7-inch screen you have satellite guided navigation at your fingertips and a voice from “easy listening radio” gives you turn-by-turn directions. In fact you never have to “touch that dial” as you can just speak to the cars on board voice recognition system and you can adjust the interior climate, make a phone call through a built in Blue Tooth connection and so much more. The technology available in today’s new car makes up about 25 percent of the car’s total components–those “modules” (ECM’s) monitor, deliver and operate a whole lot more than electric windows, door locks and adjustable seats.

Today’s Auto Repairs are Diagnostic, Not Just Mechanical

No longer is auto repair confined to the traditional and generally straightforward tasks of replacing worn parts. Working on today’s vehicles almost requires a degree in computer electronics as highly complex computer modules are now used in almost every facet of “the driving experience”. From mechanical monitoring and implementation to every “creature comfort” of your car’s options and luxuries, all are driven if not powered by a specific ECM. Unlike pulling into your local repair shop for a fairly straight forward service, such as an engine timing issue, a fuel carburation problem, or a simple oil change, problems in today’s cars are “diagnosed” and the first step in the process is plugging analytical equipment into the ECM. The next step is dealing with the “Diagnostic Trouble Codes” which the ECM generates and then it’s finding the latest ECM technology to resolve the problem; i.e. reprogram, repair, remanufacture or replace the ECM.

Module ExpertsTM is one of America’s leading Electronic Control Module service providers and suppliers with a staff of trained technicians and sales representatives who represent more than two centuries of collective automotive industry experience. In addition to selling a range of new and remanufactured ECM’s, Module ExpertsTM can also rebuild and repair your existing modules. Their philosophy is grounded in client satisfaction, which has earned them an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.