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As time has progressed, vehicles have become more complex with the integration of mechanical components with electronics. Automobile manufacturers now use small, dedicated computers to control and monitor many vehicle functions. When an Engine Control Module (ECM) or Body Control Module (BCM) is damaged, most vehicles stop working or don’t perform optimally. The ECM is the engine’s brain; generally, the car engine won’t crank, turn over, or start when critical electronic connections stop functioning.

Transmission shifting problems may also occur. The BCM controls the electrical functions in the vehicle, and when the BCM is faulty, gauges, lighting, windows, and wipers may act erratically or not at all. In a modern vehicle many of these components communicate with each other and share information over the cars internal network. This is why, if there is a module failure, many times you cannot replace the defective module with one of the same type that is used but good. The reason is that the data stored in the used module does not match the data stored in the original.

The solution is to move the data from the memory of the original module directly to the memory in the used module. Most dealerships only have the ability to program new ECMs and do not offer repairs. ModuleEXPERTS has the technology to transfer data – memory from a damaged ECM- to a remanufactured replacement unit saving you money on expensive dealership modules, programming, and labor costs.

What is ECM Cloning?

ECM cloning is a technical process where existing engine computer information is duplicated onto a replacement ECM. The information, including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), allows a new computer to replace a damaged or malfunctioning unit. At ModuleExperts, our highly experienced technicians can use a new or replacement ECM for the cloning process. In most cases, additional on-board programming is not required once a replacement ECM is cloned.

When to Clone an ECM:

If you are experiencing engine problems, such as stalling or rough starts, it’s generally a good idea to check the ECM. ModuleEXPERTS can perform a Diagnostic Evaluation Service (DES), and repair most ECM issues. There are some circumstances in which repairing the ECM is not possible. For example, a module that has extensive water damage (corrosion) or that is burnt may be beyond repair. In other cases, the ECM could have parts that are not replaceable. In these instances, a cloned remanufactured or replacement unit may be the best cost saving solution.

ModuleEXPERTS prides themselves on being able to make the process of repairing, programming and cloning vehicle modules as quick and painless as possible…getting your customer’s vehicle back on the road quickly! Contact them today at (904) 990-4965 to speak with a knowledgeable Module Expert who can help resolve any module issues you are experiencing.