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The complex world of automotive modules can lead to confusion when selecting a repair method in the event of a malfunction. There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing the best solution for your unique situation, and should be discussed with a skilled technician who has experience in repairing electronic control modules.

Four Types of Repair Options;


Programmed automotive modules are repaired specific to your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). On-board programming is typically NOT needed because programming is maintained on the original module. This solution saves money on both labor and programming costs.

Programmed and Cloned

This type of automotive module repair copies programming information from the original module to a remanufactured replacement module. This process known as cloning can preserve original programming from the original module. This solution saves money on both labor and programming costs by eliminating the need for on-board programming.

Fully Programmed Plug & Play

A fully programmed plug & play electronic module completely eliminates the need for any on-board programming, saving significant costs for on-board programming and labor.


A non-programmed electronic module must have all of its programming performed on-board.

Benefits of Using a Plug & Play Solution with ModuleExperts,

  • We offer repair services and remanufacture replacement modules for nearly every vehicle make and model.  
  • In addition to saving you money on programming and labor costs, using a plug & play solution saves you time.
  • We provide our customers a lifetime-warranty.
  • Our ultimate goal is to help our customers find the best solution to get them back on the road quickly!

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