Common Ways an ECM can Become Damaged | Module Experts

It’s more than obvious that today’s modern cars are a great deal more sophisticated than those from just a few decades ago. Did you know they can rely on between 5 and 80 Electronic Control Modules (ECM) to keep them running smoothly and efficiently? When one or more of these critical components becomes damaged, it adversely affects your vehicle. Depending on the components involved, this might diminish your vehicles performance to the point of not running at all.

What Could Damage Your ECM?

There are some things that can damage your Electronic Control Module (ECM) that might simply be beyond your control such as age, and acts of nature. Beyond that, there is a great deal you can do as prevention. Some common issues include the following:

  • Water damage: Control Modules are loaded with electronic components and other sensitive parts; once it becomes wet, it can become inoperable. Some common methods of water damage include leaks around body panel gaps, cowl panels, and doors & windows. Also, sunroofs that have been left open! This is another reason why it’s a good idea to fix small problems, such as a leaky window seal, before it leads to a larger issue. If flooding is in the forecast for your area, protect your vehicle by storing it in a garage. If you must drive it, don’t do so through areas where the water is over a few inches deep.
  • Corrosion due to age and weather: Over time, hot temperatures can cause key components of Control Modules to melt or even catch on fire. This can occur due to combustible materials that are used in the manufacture of the module and the surrounding areas. Extreme heat, high humidity, rain and moisture are destructive to Electronic Control Modules. Storing your vehicle in a garage can help reduce the amount of time that it is exposed to these elements.
  • Surge in power from the battery causing it to become damaged: Using a heavy-duty jumper pack to start your vehicle can cause a surge in power from the battery to the Electronic Control Module (ECM). This can easily overheat the components that lie on the circuit board. Match the power of the device you are using to your vehicle to avoid issues.


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