ECM Repair Options - Module Exprts

ModuleExperts understands that every repair situation is unique, which is why they offer several options when it comes to providing solutions for malfunctioning ECMs. Selecting your best option depends on a number of different factors including the specific symptoms & Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) present, and the type of repair needed. ModuleExperts works with you every step of the way to determine the right solution that best meets your needs.

Diagnostics are the Beginning

ModuleExperts performs a Diagnostic Evaluation Service (DES) with the latest in technologically-advanced tools and tests. They conduct a thorough evaluation of the unit to identify the underlying issue. Depending on the type of ECM that you have, this evaluation typically consists of the following:

  • External inspection and internal examination.
  • Communication check.
  • Testing of components, capacitors, solder, trace lines, internal circuit board and more.

Solutions to Your ECM Problems!

The solutions by ModuleExperts are designed to get your vehicle back running at its peak performance quickly. Factors including the type and style of module and the vehicle year, make and model are also considered when determining which option is the best solution for your needs.

Repair and Return Service

Repairing your ECM offers a number of benefits;
  • In most cases, the original module is already programmed. This saves you money for on-board shop programming costs.
  • It is both a quick and economical solution.
  • It is backed by a life-time warranty.

ModuleExperts puts their expertise and knowledge, along with state-of-the-art tools to work for you by following set guidelines when repairing your ECM.

  • The issues are duplicated and the problem component(s) isolated.
  • The damaged component(s) are repaired and tested to ensure that the module is operating correctly.
  • The other areas of the module are inspected and updated as needed.
  • Information is provided regarding the repair and any other steps that may need to be performed.

Remanufactured Replacement ECM

There are some circumstances in which repairing the ECM is not possible. For example, a module that has water damage or that is burnt may be beyond repair. In other cases, the ECM could have parts that are not replaceable. In these cases, we will give you the option to purchase either a remanufactured or new replacement unit. The repair fee can then be applied towards that purchase, allowing you to save money.

Benefits of a Remanufactured ECM;

  • A remanufactured ECM is built specific to the VIN and is typically already programmed, saving costs for towing, labor, and programming.
  • Our inventory of in-stock cores allows for quick turn-around.
  • It is backed by a life-time warranty.

ModuleExperts understands how important it is to get back on the road quickly and at an affordable cost. They strive to help customers make a safe & smart buying decision without compromising on quality. For more information on their services or to speak with an experienced Parts Associate, call (888) 593-2262.