Why You Should Work with an ASE Certified Technician | Module Experts

The control modules in your vehicle are the heart of many of its operations. When a repair is required, it makes sense to be particular in choosing who you work with. After all, the skills and knowledge required to effectively troubleshoot, diagnose and repair a complex electrical component such as an electronic control module (ECM) isn’t something that just anyone is capable of doing. So, how do you find experienced, high-quality technicians that you can trust to perform this critical service?

Choose an ASE Certified Master Technician

An ASE Certified Master Technician is one who has the expertise to pass the rigorous ASE certification test administered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This organization, better known by the acronym of ASE, has been focused on improving the automotive repair and service industry by instituting standards of excellence since 1972.

Successfully passing the extensive ASE certification test is just one aspect of becoming an ASE Certified Master Technician. Earning a degree in auto repair with one year of on-the-job training, or two years of training while on the job are additional requirements. Once a technician is certified, retesting is required every five years thereafter. This is necessary to ensure master technicians are continually trained on the constantly changing automotive industry.

Why is Being an ASE Certified Master Technician Important?

ModuleExperts is dedicated to providing top-quality module repair services. With more than 100 years of hands-on experience involving electronic control modules, we know the importance of providing our customers with quality and cost-effective repairs. Our staff of highly skilled technicians includes diesel experts, Military veterans, and recent Technical School graduates. Continuing education of technical skills is on-going. All this ensures that each work order is handled with the utmost precision, attention to detail and care. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has recognized ModuleExperts dedication to customer satisfaction by awarding the company with its highest rating, an A+ModuleExperts also guarantees the quality of its services by providing a life-time warranty.

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