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Module Experts: Expanding Our Service on Imports

In a constantly changing automotive landscape, it’s imperative that your vehicle service provider understands the new technologies being introduced and has the capability to troubleshoot any issues you are facing. With over 110 years of combined industry experience, ModuleEXPERTS provides customized solutions for owners of American-built and import vehicles. New technologies have allowed us to expand the service we offer on many import vehicles.

Modules Service - Module Experts

A Breakdown of the Modules We Service

Underneath the hood of your car, there is a whole host of intricate and finely-calibrated modules that are designed to keep your vehicle in precise working order. An imbalance in any one of them could prove to be disastrous to the optimal functioning of your vehicle. Understanding what these modules do and how they work is key to keeping your automobile in top shape. Below are a few (of many) components that we service on a daily basis:

ECM Repair Module Experts

How Technology is Changing the Auto Industry

Gone are the days when people only looked to their cars to get from Point A to Point B. Today, whether a trip means going to the grocery store, across town, or planning a cross-country excursion, people not only look to their vehicle to handle the road ahead but also to keep all passengers safe, comfortable, and even entertained. In the automobiles of a new millennium, such expanded consumer expectations are accomplished and satisfied by the use of modern science. As technology continues to advance and evolve, the automotive industry is finding ways to integrate and even depend on these technologies to deliver a competitive driving experience for the present day consumer. The automobile industry calls this technology Electronic Control Modules (ECMs), and control your car they do!